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About Circle of Care

Our History

Circle of Care, as so many good ideas, started as a conversation between Christiana Cameron and Annelle Norman at the kitchen table.  Christiana had previously organized a group of volunteers and kind women to care for her mother in the last few years of her long life.   As she approached her 100th year, it was necessary that Mary have round the clock care allowing her to stay in her home that she dearly loved.  One of her wishes was to keep "Team Mary" going, so others could receive the loving care she had. Thus, Circle of Care was created in 2015.

We provide volunteer services for anyone in the community in need of short- term support and assistance with daily living.  In addition, we refer licensed home care professionals to our residents, should they require more extensive and long- term care.


"COC has provided amazing support for our parents who have been living here at the Point for a few years now. This support was immeasurable when, just after we went into lockdown with the pandemic, my parents began to have age related health issues. As you can imagine, with the difficulties of crossing the border, knowing that COC volunteers were dropping off meals, picking up RXs, driving them to appointments and much more gave us some relief and reassurance during a very difficult time.  Perhaps most important was just knowing that there was a caring and kind community of people surrounding them. Even though the pandemic is over now, CoC has continued to be a vital link for us as a family living in Canada. We would especially like to recognize Annelle for her competence, organizational skills, general knowledge of the resources available in WA., and ongoing care to our parents over time. Particularly given the unique geographical location of PR, COC is an essential service to PR community members in need. We can’t thank you enough, COC volunteers!"

"My deepest gratitude pours forth to those selfless individuals who volunteer and support the Circle of Care. I don't know how I would exist without the help of this group.  They take me out every week, take me to medical appointments and assist my well-being in every aspect of my life.Our unique geographic location makes the continued existence of the Circle of Care vital to the positive evolution of our collective community.

Bless all those who serve and contribute.

Most sincerely,

A grateful senior."

"Thank you so much for CofC being available to me. I thank Louise & Isobel for stepping up to watch Jim while I was away.  It was wonderful getting the calls from Louise while she was on watch duty.  I felt so relaxed that he was being watched so carefully. You and your CofC board members, volunteers are absolutely wonderful.  

With Love and Gratitude"

"Open Heart Surgery is a serious undertaking and as in my case, was accelerated rather unexpectedly. Well, that was not a problem for me in the end and I'm sure it was very much because I was so well taken care of after the operation for almost 3 weeks by PR Circle of Care volunteers. That is the heart-warming gift part.  Laundry was done, little clean-ups of dishes, kitty litter cleanups and this or that  that needed a bit of assistance daily. My surgery was extensive. It was in fact, life giving  and not optional as it turned out. But, hurrah!, and wow and AMEN! for all the love I received when I needed it and all the competency and carefulness my situation required.  The comfort of many who became closer friends of my heart is truly heart-warming and I am eternally grateful for them.  Thanks to PR Circle of Care."

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