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Volunteer & Referral Services 

to help you stay in your home

Holding Hands

 Point Roberts Circle of Care

Latest news: 3/26/2020

We are currently looking for volunteer drivers to assist in the delivery of groceries to members of our community at home

“This could be our finest hour….”

Circle of Care Trustees want to remind the community of Point Roberts that we are here to help.  In this time of so much uncertainty as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, we want to reassure you that we remain steadfast in our dedication to our mission and our purpose…to provide the assistance needed to help you stay safe and secure in your homes while we ride out this storm together.

Like everyone else, Circle of Care volunteers will, of course, need to address the necessities of extraordinary virus hygiene, (and we may need to work together to be resourceful and creative in observing these new rules of engagement!) but we will do our best to be there for you.

Regarding the Circle of Care bus:  The good news is that the bus is large enough that up to three passengers and the driver can observe the 6 feet social isolation rule.  We will be organizing scheduled days and times for grocery shopping and errands.  Flexibility and conscientious observance of virus hygiene rules will be necessary, of course, but we will work together to keep everyone safe.  Stay tuned for the bus schedule.   

For the time being, the bus will not be going to Bellingham on its regularly scheduled Thursday.  Already, Peace Health and other physicians are canceling non-essential appointments.  If you have an upcoming appointment, please call and check with your physician or service provider. If you have an essential appointment and need a ride, please contact us at least a week in advance so that we can organize a driver.

Regarding prescriptions:  we will continue to connect prescription pick-ups with volunteers who are headed through the borders, but it would be wise to presume that this may not be possible in the weeks to come.  Please call your pharmacy TODAY and ensure that they will be willing and able to MAIL your prescriptions to you.  If you are on medication for which this is not an option, please work with your physician to make provisions for your needs to be met.  If your pharmacy already mails your prescriptions to you, please let us know its name.  We are constructing a list of pharmacies that provide this service and will publish it on our Facebook page, website, etc.

In truth, all of Point Roberts is a circle of care.  Already neighbors are finding ways of being helpful to each other while also observing the required rules of social isolation.  In the days and weeks to come each of us will find many opportunities to be of service and support.  During this time, as previously, Circle of Care will operate like the hub of a wheel, connecting people in need with people who can assist as well as with needed equipment and supplies.   Please let us know if you are willing to assist residents in need with grocery shopping, errands run, necessary home repairs, pet walks, pick up prescriptions in Whatcom County, preparing hot meals, etc.  By working together, being conscientious about our own health and safety as well as the wellbeing of our neighbors and larger community, we will grow the connections and strengths of this little hamlet.  By doing so, when this is all over, we will be able to look back on this time and reflect with pride and love that this was, indeed, our finest hour.

If you find yourself in need, please let us know.  Circle of Care will be working closely with Fire Department #5, PREP, the Food Bank, Point Roberts Mutual Aid and your neighbors and friends on your behalf. More information on Mutual Aid can be found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1391596927694701/, https://nextdoor.com/g/9j1hm52vu/ where there are lots of good resources.  We encourage you to join there as well. Watch our website (www.prcircleofcare.com) Facebook page, Next Door, Point Interface, PAWS and the APB for updates.  Contact us with questions on prcircleofcare@gmail.com or leave a message on 360-945-5222.

Please note the Circle of Care AGM orginally scheduled for April 5, 2020 has been postponed. 


Volunteer & Referral Services to help you stay in your home 

Circle of Care Shuttle

The regularly scheduled Thursday shuttle service to Bellingham has been postponed indefinitely as we concentrate our efforts here at home. We are looking for volunteer drivers to assist in the delivery of groceries to our community. Please call if you are able to help.

Circle of Care provides regular Shuttle service to and from Bellingham on Thursdays each week. The shuttle can pick you up at your home, take you to an appointment in Bellingham and return you back to your home  in Point Roberts. This service is provided at no cost although donations are gladly accepted. To schedule shuttle service please call 360-945-5222 or click the button below.


Circle of Care Services

Volunteer Services

When you or a family member is ill, had surgery, or an accident, Circle of Care is here to provide both volunteer services and referrals services for care so that you can stay in your home and in your community.

Referral Services

If your needs are long term, Circle of Care can refer you to trained, certified professionals to provide home care. If you need financial or government assistance, we can refer you to the appropriate agencies.


Opportunities to Serve Your Community 

Investing and engaging in your community provides you with the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with those who need them most. Becoming an active member of your community has a lasting impact on you, your neighbors, your community, and society. Make a difference today!


Community Events

Our community is important to us. That’s why we host, sponsor, and participate in local events throughout the year.  Join us!

"Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve."

                                                       - Martin Luther King, Jr.



Circle of Care

Founded in 2015, we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization, serving the community of Point Roberts, Washington. 


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