Connecting you with volunteer and professional services so that you can stay in your home & community

"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." 

                                                                      -Jackson Brown, Jr.

Our services include short term volunteer assistance and referrals to professional medical caregivers, should you need long term care.


 Our volunteers can assist you with....

  • Pet Care 

  • Personal Care

  • Transportation  

  • Appointments 

  • Meal Service  

  • Errands

  • Home Support

  • Respite Care


You may have family and friends who are ready and willing to help. Our Executive Director can coordinate their schedules and services and our volunteers can fill in any gaps, so that your needs are met.  If a family member is your primary caregiver, we can arrange to relieve them for a short respite visit.

Through a generous donation from the Colton Foundation in 2019, we now have a wheelchair accessible shuttle bus for transporting clients and community members to appointments, events and trips to the Blaine Senior Center.

If you are in need of professional medical care, long term care or in home care we can provide referrals to professionally trained individuals.