Referral Services

Thank you for your willingness to allow Circle of Care’s team of volunteers to be of service to you and your family.  If you are recovering from or dealing with an injury, surgery or an illness(short or long term) and you or a friend or family member have reached out to us, you may have some questions or concerns about what we do, who provides services, how we are funded, etc.  We hope that the following will be helpful in clarifying your understanding about how we can be of service.


What sort of services do Circle of Care volunteers provide?


Do you need:

  • Meals prepared and delivered?  

  • Groceries purchased, delivered and put away?

  • The rubbish put out on the curb?  

  • A ride to a doctor or therapy appointment, to pick up a prescription or to the grocery store?  

  • Does your pet need a walk or some attention?  

  • Does your house or garden need a bit of a tidy up?  


These are the sorts of chores and support that our volunteers can provide for you until your doctor says you can resume these activities.  Please call us and let us know what you need and we will do our best to pair you with volunteers to provide these services during the time that you are recuperating.

Who are Circle of Care volunteers?

Members of the community, just like you!  These members know the joy and satisfaction that comes from being of service to others and to their community.  Each volunteer has been vetted, has passed a State of Washington background check and is receiving ongoing volunteer training.


What if I need professional medical care?  

If you will need long term in-home-care (for more than a few weeks) we can provide you with a list of individuals who have the training and/or background and experience to care for you.  You will need to arrange for payment for these services. If you are unable to pay for services Circle of Care will work with you to find funding through some of the social services agencies or Medicaid.


For how long are volunteer services provided?

Generally, if your physician suggests that you will need a few weeks to recuperate, we will provide services for those few weeks.  Let us work with you so that we can understand your needs and you can understand our capabilities and/or limitations.


What is the distinction between volunteer services and paid services?

If your situation will require routine, ongoing care and support that will generally mean that you will want to hire staff to provide professional care long-term.  Circle of Care will be glad to work with you to fill the gaps until you can hire someone to be your ongoing personal care assistant.


Where does funding for Circle of Care expenses come from?

To date, all of our funding has come from our Board of Trustees, some generous local residents and our fundraisers.  In the future, we expect to acquire grants and other funding from state and county sources.


How can I, as a Circle of Care client, be helpful?  

If you are receiving services that require reimbursement for food, gas, or other supplies, please make a donation commensurate to those expenses.  Some residents have decided to make monthly or quarterly donations to Circle of Care. When you recover, please consider becoming one of our volunteers!