Apple Pressing Registration

Thank you for joining!
In order to serve as many people as possible, we are allotting each party 
 a 30 minute time slot for 1-2 bushels of apples. This allows for 20 minutes of pressing and 10 minutes to sanitize the press.
If you have 3-4 bushels of apples to press, you can revisit the schedule on Saturday afternoon at 5pm to see if there is another time open on Sunday and book one additional session if there is an opening. 
Important Information:
To comply with the Covid 19 restrictions on gatherings (maximum of 5 people), please:
  • schedule a specific time on the cider press here (insert link here)
  • bring your apples completely prepared (washed and chopped with bruises removed) 
  • wear masks and latex gloves 
  • sanitize the cider press for the next group (food grade sanitizers will be provided and instruction provided)
Plastic liter jugs will be available for purchase ($1) each.  
A few volunteers from the Benson Road Gardens will be on hand to provide guidance to you on pressing your apples, filling your jugs and sanitizing the press for the next party.
Please come to 1702 Benson Road no more than 5 minutes before your appointed time.
Suggested donation for those attending the event is $20.00. 
Make donation by clicking here
If you are unable to join us this year and want to show your support, you can make a donation at: